Westpeak Mobility provides comprehensive evaluations for Custom Rehabilitative and mobility equipment for individuals with complex needs.  During an evaluation, a thorough assessment will be performed. This will include all of the necessary anatomical measurements as well as the functional goals of both patient and the clinical team.  Using a team approach allows Westpeak Mobility to facilitate clinical outcomes that are medically appropriate as well as meeting the personal goals that are important to the Patient.  The smallest detail can make a big difference when it comes to selecting the correct equipment.


The Process for obtaining new equipment can be cumbersome.  Westpeak Mobility can help guide you through the process and help you to feel comfortable with each step.  The process for obtaining new equipment is as follows.

  • Intake:  We gather needed information to verify insurance coverage and then schedule and appointment.
  • Evaluation:  An Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) will meet with the patient in their home or at a clinic to discuss their needs.
  • Quote: The ATP will collect the necessary documentation for the equipment that will be provided.
  • Document:  Westpeak Mobility will contact other members of the medical team to obtain the necessary documentation that is required by the insurance company in order to get an approval.
  • Authorization: Westpeak Mobility will submit to the insurance for authorization of the equipment.
  • Order: Once approved, we will order the equipment and assemble the various components when everything is received
  • Deliver: After the equipment is assembled and has passed inspection, a team member will contact the patient or caregiver to schedule the delivery. During the delivery, the ATP will ensure that the equipment is properly fit and will instruct the patient on how to safely use the equipment.
  • Check-in: After delivery of the equipment is completed, the relationship will continue.  Westpeak Mobility patients are family, and we look forward to ensuring that the equipment is in working order and continues to meet the patient’s individual needs.


To speak to a team member regarding questions you might have about this process or to schedule an evaluation for yourself or a loved one you can contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you!