What is the benefit of working with Westpeak Mobility?

There are lots of benefits! We have a great team of ATP’s and other professionals who are committed to not only fitting you for the right mobility product but also to making the entire experience as quick and efficient as possible.

I haven’t seen my doctor yet. Are there specific questions I should ask?

Yes! Your doctor will need to provide documentation of your specific needs.

Do you accept my insurance?

Colorado Springs

(p) 719.299.2167

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We primarily work with Medicare and Medicaid and do take many private insurances. To find out your specific coverage for services and equipment, we will need to gather your insurance information so we can submit an inquiry. Call either office for more information!

My Wheelchair Came from a different dealer. Can I still use Westpeak for service?

We often have customers looking for service or repairs to equipment that was purchased elsewhere. Call the office and we will help you navigate the details of your coverage and your options with Westpeak!

I have a prescription from my doctor already. Can I just bring that to your office?

Getting a prescription for equipment from your doctor is a great first step, but the best way for us to begin collecting the information we need is to have it faxed directly to us so it can serve as a referral for services.

I have a prescription from my doctor, but I am not going to go through my insurance. What is my next step?

Paying cash for services or equipment can definitely streamline some processes and change the financial obligation. Call to schedule a free evaluation.

I think my insurance requires an authorization in order for me to get the equipment I need, but I really don’t know how to find out?

We have amazing staff who are dedicated to working with you to make sure that all your required paperwork and authorizations are in order.

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How quickly can Westpeak Mobility get my wheelchair or equipment ordered and delivered?

One of our strengths is the ability to progress very efficiently through the evaluation, ordering, and delivery process, and our time-frames are typically much quicker than our competitors. Our goal is to get doctors, therapists, and patients working together to avoid delays, and our office staff focuses on communicating with all parties with the intent to keep things moving along.

I was told that I will need custom seating on my wheelchair. Can Westpeak Mobility do that?

Seating configurations, like people, are very unique. We specialize in custom seating and whether we mold your cushions in-house or work with one of our expert design partners, you can rest assured that we will not be satisfied until you have the perfect balance of comfort and function in your seating system.

What if my diagnosis is progressive?

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<strong>We treat people like people<strong>

At Westpeak Mobility, our experts are committed to providing equipment that allows for your changing needs. There are a lot of wheelchair companies in Colorado but the heart of our business will always be in providing the best equipment for people, no matter what their physical circumstances are.